Art and Culture

Art and Culture

The expression and appreciation of art and culture creates many opportunities for students to constantly review, update and sharpen the values and worldview that they bring to the university. This process of constant reflection helps students to learn by questioning themselves and their surroundings. The Department of Student Affairs exposes students to many forms of artistic and cultural expression for them to attain a stronger understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Students can look forward to the following types of activities and opportunities for participation:


  • Painting Inspirational Murals on Campus
  • Art Contests
  • Exhibits of different artforms
  • Music and dance performances
  • Theatre workshops

Creative Expression

  • Photography Contests
  • Videography Contests
  • Graphic Design Contests
  • Creative Writing Contests


  • Interactive workshops on culture
  • Opportunity to travel nationally and internationally
  • Cultural performances
  • International Movie Series
  • Essay Contests to Analyze Culture and Development